Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Import and Export Advisory
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Import and Export Solutions
Brazilian and international products importation and exportation

Accomplishment of purchases and comercialization of Brazil's products in international market
We carry through all international and brazilian products trading, importing or exporting

Brazilian and international products import

We have the best solution!

With experience and using all the available resources in foreign trade, we execute your importation with efficiency and security, rendering services of negotiation with foreign suppliers, purchases abroad, documentation, transportation, nationalization and international advising.

Our efforts are turned to quality and to the specific needs of our clients

Brazilian and international products export

Agility, precision and excellence of results!

We execute our exportation to any country in the world, using the best and more qualified agents abroad. We participate since the initial contact with your target-market, since the arrival and liberation of the merchandise in its destination, providing the calculi of price formation, documentation, levy, aerial/maritime space, declaration of customs dispatch, origin certificate and exchange operations needed.

And if exportation is not a reality for your enterprise yet;

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